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Dive Rite Dive Rite Rec XT Wing

Dive Rite Dive Rite Rec XT Wing

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The Rec XT Wing is the Flagship of Dive Rite's innovative line of 360-degree. donut-style wings. Donut wings tend to provide greater stability and control in the water. improving diver buoyancy and trim. The Rec XT Wing is shorter than Dive Rite's traditional Rec Wing. which means it now fits a wider range of diver statures; whereas Dive Rite's traditional Rec Wing is best suited for tall divers or divers who require more buoyancy at the waist. A hybrid wing. the Rec XT Wing can be worn on single or double tanks making it one of Dive Rite's most popular wings. When diving with a single tank. The Rec XT Wing has 2 clips on each side attach to D-rings on the back-plate. keeping the wing close to the diver's body. This avoids the taco effect of the wing wrapping around the tank. away from the diver. which diminishes buoyancy control. The Rec XT is a single bladder wing that's unique design allows it to be converted to a dual bladder (SKU: DIV5300D) wing. At full lift capacity. the Rec XT has 45 lbs (20.4kg) of lift and can accommodate two 85 cubic feet (12 liter) back mounted cylinders. The Rec XT Wing Series is built upon the legendary toughness of Super-Fabric Brand Technology. a technical fabric resistant to cuts. pinches and abrasions. This unique material has been created with a base fabric overlaid with tiny guard plates. this proprietary armored surface. along with material science and strategic geometric patterns. transforms ordinary fabric into Super-Fabric Brand Materials. The material maintains its flexibility and breathability. yet keeps sharp objects from penetrating. Dive Rite has married Super-Fabric with a 1.000-Denier Cordura inner shell to create an armor-clad outer-bag that is impervious to damaging pinches and cuts. The Rec XT line's toughness is further enhanced with a heavy duty. radio frequency (RF) welded 210-denier nylon urethane laminated bladder. The Rec XT has urethane flanges welded in place which makes it easy to switch out corrugated hose and over-pressure relief valves without tools. The Rec XT comes with either a 16" or 12" (40.6cm or 30.5cm) elbowed Inflator and a 3/8" threaded low-pressure hose for attachment to the first-stage regulator. Wing has a lower left front over-pressure relief/dump valve. Two sets of marine-grade 316-stainless-steel grommet mounting holes are used to attach the wing to the harness and/or to double tanks and set diver's trim. The Rec EXP measures approximately (H x W) 24 x 23" (60.9 x 58.4cm) deflated and weighs 3.12 lbs (1.4kg). The Dive Rite Rec EXP Wing comes with owner's manual. and is proudly made in the U.S.A.

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