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Perlglow 6 inch Slim Round Downlight Luminaire, White Finish, Wafer LED Recessed Light Fixtures 5000K.

Perlglow 6 inch Slim Round Downlight Luminaire, White Finish, Wafer LED Recessed Light Fixtures 5000K.

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Downlight: You can create led ceiling lights with round slim downlight luminaire. This can be easily installed. You can give your ceiling lighting a classy finishing touch by using this with a led recessed downlight. Slim ceiling light fixtures are suitable for many different lighting applications. including basements. living rooms. kitchens. bathrooms. and bedrooms. New construction or remodeling requires 2.00 ceiling space. Promotes Nice Calming Effect: These led recessed lighting 6 inches provide a nice. super white atmosphere. making it a great choice for promoting a calming atmosphere. There is a main purpose in creating a calm atmosphere with super white lights. A 5000K recessed light produces bright daylight kind of color. So. it's great for bathrooms. basements. and study rooms. When you work in the kitchen. you can even use it. Light comes with BX Connection. Superior Lighting Experience: The 90+ CRI model 6-inch led recessed light provides superior true color quality without flickering. zero delays. and no worries. and is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. Low-profile 120-volt lights rated at 1250 Lumens at 15 Watts have a color rendering index (CRI) >90. which is about as bright as a 100W incandescent. The slim-led recessed light fixture will produce better light output with more lumens. Dimmable: Dimmable led ceiling light allows you to adjust the output between 5% and 100%. creating a controlled lighting environment based on your preferences without flickering. Adjust the dim-down setting to your liking. They are airtight and IC-rated. making them suitable for damp locations in both commercial and residential settings. Certification and 3-Year Warranty: We offer led 6-inch recessed lighting that has been tested by Intertek and has been found to meet national standards that are IC  and ELT listed. Our round recessed lights come with a 3-year warranty. The lifespan of this product is rated at 50.000 hours. Please contact us with any problems you may encounter with the slim recess light.

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